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Hi Friend!


I'm Megh


It's lovely to meet you

There is so much I adore about this job. Being able to show a mom-to-be how insanely beautiful she is growing life to freezing time in the little moments as your child grows! I have been in this field for a decade now and have grown and learned so much over that time. I'm forever thankful for my clients who have stuck around this whole time. I pinch myself that I get to do this as my "job".

Rapid Fire Fun Facts About Me: 

- Married to Ty

-Dog mama to 3
-Will show you photos of above mentioned at moments notice

-Saved by grace

-Disney Obsessed

-Plant Lover

-Nature is a healer

-Light chaser

-Candle Junkie

-Mountains over beach

-Dislikes Coffee

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