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Family Sessions

By far my favorite type of session. During a family session with Megh you can expect tickle fights, piggy back rides, twirls, peek a boo and much more. Long gone are the days of static family photos. My main goal during our session is to show personlaity. Bring out the love between you all and showcase the age of the kiddos. If they are 2 and want to run, we run and I capture all the silly moments and faces while we do. My goal is to make you feel something when you look at your images and remember all the sweet parts of your kiddos as they grow.

Maternity Sessions

This time growing your tiny human is so special. Take the time to feel your best and show off that sweet bump! I know you may not feel at your best, but taking the day to pamper yourself and model for some photos is well deserved. You will get beautiful art to help you remember this time in your growing family's life.


Newborn Sessions

What a most precious time! Capturing all the itty bitty moments and features. They don't stay little for long. Newborn sessions are typically held within the first 10 days after birth and always include family photos, because even if you aren't feeling it at the time, I promise you wont regret it.

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